How to Open Sealed Corked Wines

Nowadays, new bottled wines are easy to open. Most of the new wines are resealable, just twist to open or twist back to re-seal them. But classic or the old wines are kinda complicated to open at times. They are sealed most of the time with aluminum seal and corked just to retain freshnes.

Here is a trick on how to open classic seald wines and how to retain freshnes when storing.

all you need to have:

  • a small bladed knife (kitchen bladed knife will do) or a swiss knife
  • a cork screw
  • and a bottle topper for re re-sealing and storing them back

First to open a wine with aluminum seal:

  • Hold the bottle using your left hand for support and controling the twist
  • Hold the knife facing the blade on your thumb.
  • Put the middle blade of the knife on the first edge of the upper bottle and your right thumb on the other side of the bottle
  • Force the knife blade as if you are cutting the bottle and gently twist clockwise.
  • after making a 360 degrees twist, Flip the aluminum seal using the knife blade upward.

Second, uncorking the bottle:

  • Screw the cork bottle clockwise using your cork screw tool with a little force downward gently till you reached the end cork screw opener.
  • If your cork screw is just like mine, it will pop up gently while screwing them off.
  • But if not, there are cork screws that does not opens by itself.
  • Gently pull the corkscrew upward (don’t make it fast! you might crush the cork and break!)

Thirdly, resealing the opened wine

To retain the opened wine freshness, you have to seal them again tight using cork. Its impossible to return the original cork again to the wine bottle so you have to use a corked bottle topper.

just cork the bottle using your bottle topper and store the wine inside the cooler or refridgerator

Serving Wine

In serving wine to wine glass, it must be half filled and the wine is best served cold not chilled or room temperature.

What wine to serve

Well there are two kinds of wine, one is the red wine and the other one is white wine. Which wine to sereve? Technically, red or white wine depends on what main course you serve. Red wines are best with red meats ie chicken, pork, lamb or beef. white wines are best with seafoods.

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