How 3M’s Post It Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Its very easy to tell what your New Year resolution for this year but, most of us forget and vanish and ends up a broken promise. So how can we fulfill it?

Now here’s a simple and easy way on how can we fulfill our promise…

All you have to do is write them first on a piece of paper, review them if its realistic or not, erase the promise that you can not or impossible for you to do then re write them again on a 3M Post It! and stick them up on your work area. easy right?

Why do we need to stick it?

We need to stick them up for us to remember it! Study shows that making marks makes you remember things! Leaving a mark can help you remember and Post It does that!

Why Post It and not other sticky paper or or something else? First, as I’ve notice, 3M products like Post It has better sticking capabilities! Others fly away in no time and forget what you just wrote to be reminded. It sticks longer than the others. Secondly, Post It has better quality of paper- nice and neat!

As I’ve seen in the market, there are lots of 3M Post It products that can help you organize your time and your life hassle free. Aside from the post it sticky notes, there this one I’ve seen that amazed me. I know this reusable mounting products can help us a lot. It works like a magnet on your refrigerator but it sticks at any surface. When it gets dirty, adhesive weakens, all you need to do is wash them and use and stick them again. Its a hassle free tape! because it does not leave any dirty marks on your wall.

I’ve made a research on the internet and got some videos about Reusable Tabs of 3M. Hope these can help you at home! Watch the video below to check!


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