History of Pintaflores

Here’s a brief story about the legend of Pintaflores in San Carlos of Negros Occidental.

There were once a Princess who traveled from Cebu to a nearby island now known as San Carlos. Her name is Princess Nabingka. San Carlos used to be called Nabingkalan.

The princess is known for her loveliness and intelligence. Princess Nabingka ruled the barrio (Nabingkalan) during the early part of the 17th century.

There was a time that the princess got sick and wanted to get her strength back. She sought the advise of a local babaylan or a folk healer and he advised her to tell her people to plant flowers at their garden. Flowers didn’t last long, flowers died due to harsh weather.

Again, the babaylan ask the people to paint flowers on their garden for her. They followed the babaylan’s advice. The people painted flowers all over their garden. She got well and her people danced and rejoiced upon hearing the good news.

Soon it became a tradition to their barrio. Young beautiful ladies on their ball gowns portraying the Princess Nabingka while her people dance are in floral costumes, with some even having floral paint all over their body.

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