GenSan (General Santos) Style of Grilled Tuna Belly

This is what I’ve learned from my last visit in General Santos City. A simple way of grilling Tuna Belly.

Fishing Tuna is one of the major business of General Santos City and of course grilling tuna is also one of their forte when it comes to dish.

But of course before leaving for home from General Santos City, I passed by the Tuna store (Pacific Seas seafood Market) to buy some tuna belly, to try their style of grilling tuna when I get home.

It’s so simple, I never thought grilling tuna is that simple to do. It’s as simple of defrosting, marinade and grill!

All you need are the following:

For marination you’ll be needing:

  • a pack of Ginisa Flavor mix
  • 5 table spoon of calamansi juice or lemon juice
  • one half cup of soy sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste

And for grilling all you need is a one fourth (1/4) cup of butter or margarine the marinade and a pastry brush.

Here’s how:

Just combine all ingredients for marination and marinade the tuna belly and refrigerate. The longer marination time, the better flavor, but not too long – overnight is best.

Preheat the grill. If you are using a grill plate, heat it to low fire and melt the half of the 1/4 cup of butter or margarine into it.

Now here’s a tip in grilling the tuna: In grilling the tuna, you should flip baste it with the marinade and brush it with melted butter it once in a while.

Note: Do not over cook to retain its tenderness.

Here they are!


6 Responses to “ “GenSan (General Santos) Style of Grilled Tuna Belly”

  1. nice A says:

    Thanks for the tips. We’ve been using all the ingredients you mentioned except the butter. We will try it next time. We love tuna belly & panga sooooo much. And we miss Gensan for these among other reasons…

  2. Rob Bana says:

    Oi, nakapunta na ako dyan dati, bumili din ako ng pasalubong. sarap!!!

  3. Alesh says:

    Ginisa? Why dont you use MagicSrap better? You know what is so, so sad about Filipino cousine? That is full of the poison named MSG. You people cant live without that shit? Who introduced to you this menace? Your grandmothers ate bad, because they didnt have the powder? You are not aware how unhealthy that is? Check out what Russell Blaylock, a leading researcer in this field has to say. Its depressing every little food stand in the country uses this chemical, spoiling the nice fish and vegetables. Synthetic corporate nation, every where Nescafe, Coke, Tang ( loaded with asphartame), Knorr and Maggi, instant noodles, pathetic culinary habits, mind and body enslavement…

  4. dax73 says:

    pwede dinng Magic sarap Alesh, its just an option or lets just say, mas pinadali lang ang pag marinade ng fish. You can saute it manually naman and put them on your marinade if you want.
    Personally, Alesh, I don’t really go for some stuffs and to be honest, It was my first time to use these kind of alternative seasoning. I sill prefer doing it manually.

  5. haydee says:

    hi, i’m from Gensan, you can also try substituting flavor mix with a lot of garlic with the same ingredients: salt and pepper, soy sauce and calamansi and a lot of garlic, marinate for 30mins only, then grill and baste it with butter. What i do is i always buy garlic powder and always put it in my marinade, plus i also minced and chopped garlic to enhance the flavor.

    Thanks a lot!

  6. dax73 says:

    hello haydee!

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll be glad try what you’ve just suggested soon! Thanks again! 🙂

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