Figaro Coffee Company – A Good Cafe for the Weight Conscious

I know we’re already at the trend of losing weight and most of us wants to be physically lean and fit. But living a healthy lifestyle can be really hard, like finding a restaurant or cafe in Manila that serves lite, healthy or diabetic-friendly food.

In the Philippines, it’s part of our culture to eat and eat. We can eat a total of 6 times a day! Three minor meals or snacks and three major meals! We are really fond of eating.

And it’s “the deadlier the better” for some! But ManileƱos nowadays, are getting into the trend of losing weight and being physically fit! We are now more conscious of our weight, compared before.

To be honest, cafes now are growing like mushrooms, you can see them everywhere in the metropolis. They just don’t just serve coffee, but also frappes or ice-blended drinks and shakes!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to do some food and drink tasting in Figaro Greenbelt and I really like the fact that they serve lite drinks, sugar-free pastries and cakes and fruits and vegetable salads.

What more fascinates me about Figaro Coffee Company is, they have this new Ice blended drinks that are really refreshing.

It’s flavored by Monin, the most famous and trusted syrups of coffee shops all over the world, new Figaro Frosts comes in three new dessert flavors craved by all – Chocolate Cookie(P135), Creme Brulee(P125) and Strawberry Milkshake(P125). Priced at P135-125 for a 16oz Figaro Frost drink, each sip will remind you of your favorite dessert.

Try it! Bongga ito!

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