Experiencing Yultide Drinks at Figaro

Yes! December holidays is fast approaching and Figaro Coffee Company had already launched their Yuletide theme drinks and treats just for us to feel Christmas. (click image to enlarge)

Yesterday, I’ve already tried some of their new treats and drinks. Good thing I was with a friend to try them out. As for our late lunch, we decided to have a mini late lunch feast.

Figaro is known for their Frost, my friend, since he loves Specoloos peanut butter cookie taste, he got Specoloos Frost for a drink and he matched it with Ham & Cheese Croissant Sandwich. I got Praline Frost and Chicken Waldorf Croissant Sandwich. Our frosts and sandwiches tasted terrific but, I did love the Praline frost and his sandwich (Ham & Cheese Croissant) the most.

2014-11-18 18.07

As for our sweet side, I really can’t decide which cakes should we be taking. What we did is we got a slice of Red Velvet Cake and Humming bird cake, a piece of Prune cake and Cranberry White Dream Bars.

Again, they do taste perfect! Not too sweet! Perfect for the season as well! I’m thinking of grabbing these two cakes (Red Velvet and Humming Bird Cake) for our family Christmas eve.

And of course, we again got the same flavor of drinks but this time we paired them with flavored coffee. Since my favorite flavor is praline, I got the Praline Latte and my friend took the Specoloos Latte as well.

We did also got these 3 cute Christmas Sugar Cookies for home.

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