Enjoying My Lazy Afternoon at Whitemoon Bar

I never thought that I would enjoy a lazy afternoon in Manila. After spending a busy day in Manila City Hall finishing some requirements that DFA needs, driving around Quiapo to submit things, I and my buddy decided to see Manila Ocean Park. Since it was our first time to step at Manila Ocean Park, we never thought the entrance at the theme park was that expensive.

Now that we’re already there at the theme park, instead of watching exotic sea creatures, we just decided to hang-around to a place that is relaxing. Voila! Whitemoon Bar! Just inside the theme park, no need to pay for that expensive entrance!


The place is so relaxing, I really did enjoy that afternoon because of the place is so perfect to unwind. Enjoying the sea breeze while listening to some chill-out music. Expensive yet reasonable food at the bar. Its just a perfect place to chill-out and view the magnificent sunset of Manila.


Whitemoon Barโ€™s located at 2F Sunset Quay, Manila Ocean Park. I think Whitemoon Bar opens at 4 in the afternoon till midnight.ย  Itโ€™s an open-air lounge that face on where the sun sets, its lamps scattered around the area, its really a cool place to stay and hang around with friends.


The View from the deck of Whitemoon Bar







13 Responses to “ “Enjoying My Lazy Afternoon at Whitemoon Bar”

  1. rors says:

    don, musta naman ang food? masarap ba? tsaka ang prices ng food? ๐Ÿ™‚ pag dinala ko ba dyan ang pangga ko, mas maiinlab pa siya sa’kin? LOL

  2. DAX says:

    ayus naman ang food rors, more on the typical BAR side, hindi naman mukhang at lasang pipichugin.. nakaka inlove talaga yung place.

  3. Azrael says:

    blog event dito?
    hmmm pwede!

  4. Elgin says:

    do they have wifi in this place?

  5. Charlie says:

    Ateeeeeeeeeeeeee BONGAAAAAAAA BONGAAAAAAAA ka!!!!

    I miss u

    mwah ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. dax73 says:

    charlie!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU TOO!!!! kelan ka uwi?

  7. Micamyx says:

    Wow mukhang maganda nga yung place ah. I want to go there soon!

  8. Anabelle says:

    hi do you nid to go to Ocean park before u can enter the white moon bar just like the tamayo’s resto? or do they have their own seperate entrance from the park.

  9. dax73 says:

    actually, its inside the theme park (Manila Ocean Park) but its on the other wing lang of the park ang white moon bar, nasa mall area and by the way, you dont need to pay for the entrance.

  10. mee-i says:

    like this! when i have time & more *greens i think i’ll go there ๐Ÿ™‚ for now pictures mo muna yun i-eenjoy ko. haha

  11. darqueangel says:

    nakakalokha noh.. napaaga ang punta ko.. pero nag gate crush onti upo upo lang.. gusto ko pa namang itry kung may masarap silang drinks dyan… pero infareness maganda talaga sya.. hehehehe…

  12. dax73 says:

    kakaiba diba? at in fairness!!! walang amoy ang bay!

  13. lloyd says:

    how much is the cost of the food and accomodation in this bar??


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