Elias by Crisostomo – A Filipino – Spanish Fusion Cuisine to Try

More and more Pinoy chefs are puting life and adding spice to Filipino – Spanish dishes nowadays and that makes our food even better and tastier. One example restaurant that I tried is Elias by Crisostomo, a restaurant delectable turn of the century Filipino cuisine.

Elias by Crisostomo is located at the Bonifacio High Street Central (BHSC) a new wing of Bonifacio High Street at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig City. Elias is a restaurant inspired by Spanish Colonial Philippines with dishes and interior aesthetics taken from the period. Even menu items and wall images were inspired by details and characters found in Dr. Jose Rizal’s novel “Noli Me Tangere”.

The menu features several fusion experiments like:

  • Legazpi – a dish made of tempura-style prawns stufed with laing and served with crab fat sauce.
  • Saturnina – an out-of-the-ordinary pizza topped with chicken pork adobo fakes,
  • mangoes and egg.
  • Kare-Kare ng Kura – a special ox tail stew with native vegetables
  • Adobong Cordero – served with crispy kangkong and kesong puti.
  • Sopa de Ladislao – a bouillabaisse of prawns, crab, mussels and fsh
  • Binagoongan ni Pia – crispy pork cooked in shrimp paste (bagoong)
  • Kinamatisang Pork Chop – pork slices cooked in sweet native tomatoes and served with itlog na maalat or red eggs
  • Paella Negra – unique version of the Spanish rice dish, with adobong pusit at baboy cooked with pineapples.

and for their Dessert entry:

the restaurant carries classic Filipino desserts with a twist like

  • Isabel, leche fan wrapped in spring roll wrappers and served with ice cream
  • Trinidad – banana turon with coco jam fondue
  • Ibanez – banana split with turon.

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