Davao – My Dream City

Been in several cities across the Philippines but Davao made something different among them. Yes, there are common progressions but what makes Davao City different among other cities of the Philippines?

Davao right now has a very strict and disciplinarian mayor and I think that makes it different. I’ve talked to several people living in Davao and asked them what makes their city different from the others and they all say that Its all in the Mayor’s governance. They say that their mayor is a hard working guy. The Mayor sees to it that his rules are being followed, like for instance, a fellow friend told me that the Mayor disguises like an ordinary citizen and rode a motor bike without wearing a helmet and he was apprehended and paid the fine and took brief seminar for that. He (the Mayor) congratulated the officer who caught him. NICE!

There are still lots of rules to be followed and one that I like the most is the “no smoking on public places” . You are just allowed to smoke on designated areas. Another one is, all taxi cabs are very disciplined, no driver dares to cheat unlike in Manila, aside from the tampered meters, they tend to be choosy and most often they usually round your fare to the nearest tens! Don’t expect for a right change.

Here are some wonders of Davao.
Davao is known for the capital of orchids in the Philippines, and aside from that, Davao is also known for its one of a kind fruit! Durian! A very smelly fruit. Davao has also the Philippine eagle sanctuary or the nursery of of the Monkey Eating-Eagle aka Philippine eagle. They have Mt Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines and Bagobo Tribe that can be found near Mt. Apo in Sta Cruz, Davao.

I just hope Davao would remain the same as it is and by the way, the reason I went to Davao City is I was invited by the AVATAR MEDIA’s DFAT (Davao Food Appreciation Tour) to try the best food establishments of Davao City and nearby areas. The event took place in Davao City of courseI was there from May 12 and left Davao City on the 17th and the event happened on May 13 – 15. Ideally, I had lots of time to roam around the City and yet, still lack of time to enjoy everything. I promise my self to go back soon.

3 Responses to “ “Davao – My Dream City”

  1. Ria Jose says:

    Do come back soon. Dami pang gagawin. 🙂

  2. GensanBoy says:

    Kadayawan is coming. .feast on fruits and ready your camera for a very colorful parade. Kita kits!

  3. Mommy Dharlz says:

    hope to see you again soon..

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