Coffee & Internet

More and more coffee shops here in south have wifi connections, but we do must considerate always if they really give best services to clients and good taste of coffee.

What to consider:
1. Good Coffee Blends
Yes we must consider this especially if they are a lil expensive.

2. Ambiance
Big score for coffee lovers! Ambiance and comfort really gives

3. Crowd
Do you like to stay in a place with lots of noisy people? or over crowded?

4. Accessibility
Coffee shops is really a nice place to stay and relax and enjoy coffee thats why it has to be accessible to your home and office.

5. Good service
Why stay in a Coffee shop if employees does not treat you well?

6. Long operating hours
For coffee lovers who’s insomniac hehehe and people who works late.

7. Internet connection speed
Coffee shops is one of the best place to work, and most of our works are computer works internet related


I consider Bona Coffee westgate is best here in south. 24hrs, accessible to my place, good but not best coffee blends nice ambiance A1 service and good internet connection.


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