Choosing a Right Shampoo for your Hair

Having problems with your hair? It can be your shampoo that causes the problem. More and more people choose imported shampoos nowadays because of its brand and medical research technology.

To be honest, I also tried imported ones but something different happened. What I did was, I tried consulting a professional stylist and what I’ve learned from him is, sometimes their (imported ones) technology does not suit to our hair.

First, there are many types of hair, secondly, there are lots of races, they can be Caucasian, Black, Red or the indian race etc. and lastly the kind of environment they live with.

In short, it really does not follow that using a kind of a best product purchased abroad is also best for your hair. The formulation can be too strong for your hair that can damage it or too weak.

Its really practical and best for us to buy a product made really for us, why? Because a product made locally is also made customized for us.

If you are have serious problems with regards to your hair, what I can recommend is to ask help from the professionals, there are bunch of professionals out there that can help you with this. It can be your dermatologist, your senior stylist or a doctor. It’s really unpractical to experiment, it might lead you somewhere, hehe – or worsen the situation.

But if you just wanted to try something new, better buy and try the sachet first before getting them in large volumes. It’s for your hair actually and at the same time for your money.


Photo credits: Gerard Girbes, Logan Sakai and t_buchtele

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