Chef Ralph “Paeng” Ongchiong of Saffron’s Amorita Resort, Bohol

A good resort or a hotel becomes better if it has a fantastic chef, a culinary artist who has divine taste for food. He/she would definitely attract more tourists and food lovers alike. I say such because I believe it is part of every tourist agenda to experience local food during their travels. The more popular fast food joints becomes a mere fallback.

We stayed at Amorita Resort during my visit to Bohol. It is considered one of the best resort-hotel in the province. We had the pleasure of meeting Chef Ralph “Paeng” Ongchiong, who was currently assigned as head chef of the resort during our stay. All I can say is, he is a culinary genuis! Only in Amorita Resort can you experience fine dining, that provides mouthwatering local dishes and are served creatively.

After several food tasting, I got a chance to ask Chef Paeng if he uses MSG in his creations. He laughed and answered, “No”. I consider not using MSG a personal cooking challenge. I don’t need such ingredient to come up with palatable meals. Honestly, I just don’t know why my body reacts on food that has MSG. When it happens, I always feel sleepy. And so I know he told me the truth. Chef Paeng then asked me if I found his dishes delicious. I gladly told him how satisfied I was and that I thought the food was perfect.

I made another inquiry to Chef Ongchiong that he delightfully answered. I asked him what he considered his toughest challenge or experience working at Amorita’s Saffron. He said it was difficult to adjust to the food culture in Bohol because he finished his culinary studies in Manila. Nevertheless, he accepts the challenge to learn about the local cuisine and apply his culinary knowledge and skills to satisfy clients.

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Bonggang Chef Di Ba?

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  1. Joyce tang says:

    Sir, i believe it’s chef raphael ongchiong ΓΌ

  2. dax73 says:

    OH YES! Thanks sa correction po ms Joyce! I’ll edit it in a while. Thank you again!

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