Cebu’s Casa Verde

If you are looking for a place to eat or craving for grilled food and steaks in Cebu, try Casa Verde. Casa Verde is a unique semi fine dine restaurant where food is really cheap, big serving and best tasting and great ambiance. Imagine P2200.00 price in manila is only P800.00 plus at Casa Verde.

We got 2 Brian’s Ribs –(their Best Seller) Baked Pork Ribs with sweet, tangy piquet sauce served with vegetable medley for only P168.00 . The Dax – A combination of USDA round steak drizzled with brown sauce and onions with a catch of tavern shrimps accompanied by tartar sauce for dipping served with harvest rice P220.00. A Buffalo wings as for our appetizer served with blue cheese dip .

We do also order house blended Iced Tea you can choose if you wanted it by the glass (30 pesos)or by the pitcher (75 pesos) and they have two variations of iced tea, 1 is Panama orange iced tea and the other one is Raspberry iced tea and we got both and both tastes great.

You can check the out in Cebu City at

Ramos St. (032) 2536472,

The Walk at IT Park (032) 4123336 or

at The Terraces at Ayala (032) 2338885


6 Responses to “ “Cebu’s Casa Verde”

  1. al arguelles says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm cebu here we come hehehe yum yum 🙂

  2. yookaa says:

    The reason why Casa Verde’s servings are huge and the prices are very cheap is because they sacrifice their profits. They only earn 10%

    The owner doesn’t care much about profit but how much the customers are satisfied! Thumbs up!

  3. Fitz says:

    i recommend casa verde. good food, nice ambience! and yes, the food is not that expensive yet very enticing and delicious! we are going to cebu this september and i told my friends to have our lunch or dinner at casa verde. two thumbs up!

  4. SoulCaptive says:

    I love Brian’s ribs, even though I cannot consume the entire thing every time I order it. I did not know about the “sacrificing the profit” part, but it’s really generous of the owner to do that. I cannot get enough of Casa Verde. I have yet to try one of their desserts, whose name eludes me at the moment. Thumbs up to Casa!

  5. KrisToffer says:

    I Recommend Casa Verde!
    We ordered Brian’s Rib,
    Buffallo wings, The BigBang Burger
    and Milkyway for just less than 1500.
    This bang for the buck restaurant with cheap price and
    awesome food!!!

  6. Lea says:

    Just ate at casa at Ayala terraces..the servings are HUGE…sana magmatic din sa manila


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