Cebu Food Crawl 2018

Pretty excited on our next out of town food trip! This time it will take place in Cebu! Yay! I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz that there are bunch of great restaurants in Cebu and can’t wait to try them.

The CFC (Cebu Food Crawl) is organised by CBS (Cebu Bloggers Society)- Cebu’s premier blogging organisation and social networking group. Got to know more about the group on this here.


What is Cebu Food Crawl? (CFC)

#‎CebuFoodCrawl‬ is the first bloggers’ exploration of the best food and restaurants in Cebu. On its first, second, and third, instalments in November 27-30, 2015 , August 26-29, 2016, and November 30-December 3, 2017 respectively, twenty-five (25) bloggers from around the country were served with internationally known local specialties and must-try recipes by well-loved Cebuano restaurants. Due to the massive success and overwhelming reception of the Cebu Food Crawl on these occasions, the Cebu Bloggers Society is happy to announce that

#CebuFoodCrawl2018 is happening on November 30-December 3, 2018

Cebu is considered as one of the best island destinations in Asia-Pacific region not just for its stunning roster of powdery beaches and islands but also for its unique gastronomic delights, which can be found nowhere else is the country. It is the culinary melting pot of the South, a perfect blend of various influences resulting into a culinary destination uniquely Cebuano, a culinary gem that keeps on evolving, and getting better and tastier over the years.

Cebu Food Crawl will take the participants and their blog and social media followers into a gastronomic journey of the exquisite and addictive taste of Cebu hinting everyone with new destinations in the progressive dining scene of Cebu and new ideas on what establishments to visit on their return.

The 4-day food tour will start with a welcome lunch for participants on November 30, 2018 and will end with a send-off dinner on December 3, 2018.

If you are a food blogger and missed this food exploration in Cebu, wait for their next year’s CFC announcement and apply. In this year’s CFC event, airfare and accommodation was sponsored by Cebu Pacific, Sun Prepaid and Travelbee Business inn and I’ll be posting Cebu food sponsors soon!

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