Buying The Right Rubber Shoes for Running

Running, jogging or brisk walking are the best exercises to lose weight and I’ve been doing running now for almost 2 months. I’ve been seeing some changes now because I run 3-5 kilometers every other day.

But I guess there’s something wrong or a problem with my running. I’ve consulted some running enthusiasts regarding these concerns which are:

  • My rubber shoes don’t last long, the soles often come off fast –
    laging nasisira kaagad.
  • My ankle, heel and knees hurt sometimes after running
  • My toes get callouses blisters

A friend of mine, who’s a running enthusiast, told me to have my feet tested. She told me that she used to have the same problems before.
She also told me that it can be my shoes. My running shoes are not fit for me.

I asked her if there’s a specific brand that can solve my problem? She says, “No”. It’s not really the brand but It’s the model of the brand. She added that most of the brands like Nike, Adidas etc. have these common models for running. And you don’t just buy a flashy shoes for running. You have to know which type of rubber shoes is for you.

running shoes

What kind of running shoes that fits for you?

I’ve done what she told me and went to Runnr (a specialty store at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City and Alabang Town Center at Muntinlupa City) and had my gait tested – that’s when I discovered the things that I do wrong when running. Then they gave advice and showed me what kind and what size of running shoes are best for me.

That was great news – plus the running gait test is free, so you should have one too.

Types of running shoes

Motion Control Running Shoes
Motion control footwear emphasizes medial support by having dual density midsoles, roll bars or foot bridges. This medial (inside support) support slows the rate of over pronation

Stability Running Shoes
Stability footwear combines cushioning features and support features into its design.

Cushioning Running Shoes
Cushioned footwear emphasizes enhanced shock dispersion in its midsole and/or outsole design. Many shoe companies add materials to the heel and forefoot areas to enhance the cushioning properties of the shoe i.e. air, gel, hydro flow etc.


These special running shoes are a bit pricey, but for me, if you’re really serious about running, then it is a good investment. It will improve your running help you avoid injuries.

So after I bought the recommended shoes, I noticed that my ankles, heels and knees don’t hurt anymore after running since the shoes I got was designed to correct the pronation of my gait. Now my running is more comfortable, and I’m more excited to run until I can do a full marathon in the future.

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