Burger Avenue at The Fort Strip in Global City, Taguig

After two classes of group exercise that my buddy and I attended at Fitness First in The Fort, we craved for burger for dinner. Voila! We just saw what we have been looking for! It’s just right outside Fitness First — Burger Avenue.

burger ave

This burger store is new to us so we decided to try some of their best sellers. I got a Double Avenue Burger that costs P170.00 – big serving and fair enough for the price. My buddy got a Cheesy Steak Sandwich for a fair price as well.

double patty burgerDouble Avenue Burger

If Wendy’s got the Baconator, Burger Avenue has their own too!

They call it the RIDICULOUS BURGER (triple patty burger with cheese! A gigantic 1lb burger, 3 pure beef patty, 3 cheese slices, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes and the oatmeal bun! Finish this ridiculous burger in 5 minutes and you get it for free! Ridiculous Burger costs P270.00

ridiculous burger

The store is open from 10am – 2am from Sunday to Thursday and until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays. You can visit their site www.burgeravenue.com for more details.


2 Responses to “ “Burger Avenue at The Fort Strip in Global City, Taguig”

  1. Potpot says:

    OMG! That burger is enough to last me the entire day … or two? Haha!

  2. Sakin saglit lang yan lolz!


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