Breakfast Magazine: The Perfect One For Me

If you are looking for a food magazine, there are a good number of choices available in supermarkets, department stores, and in bookstores.

I always had the problem of deciding which one to buy. Because more often than not, you are simply forced to choose based on the food magazine cover or how enticing the cover photo is because there is no sample available for browsing.

Afterward, you then take the risk of being disappointed after buying that magazine because when you finally open it and discover that its promise falls below your expectations. You will feel short changed when you have bought a magazine just full of advertisements and lacks in valuable articles.

I have read food magazines that dismays me when I find food recipes that mostly boosts of product endorsements or when I find recipes with missing ingredients or having wrong measurements.

What good are the pictures that accompanies these recipes if there are lapses on the recipes provided?

Recently, I had the privilege to be acquainted with a new food magazine in the market — Breakfast Magazine.

During the launch, they presented the chefs that were featured in their newest magazine edition. Each of these chefs gave details to their creations.

I received a copy of Breakfast Magazine and after reading it, I found it worthy of my recommendation.

What I really liked about it is that it reads like a cookbook for me. There’s plenty of easy and healthy recipes to try – and I mean really plenty! Of course, there are also a handful of short but interesting food articles and personality features.

Aside from features from reputable chefs, the magazine also includes a “Blogger’s Section” wherein food bloggers share their food adventures. I find this very interesting and unique.

If you’re the type that reads Pinoy food blogs or someone who likes to cook at home, then you’ll definitely enjoy reading Breakfast Magazine.

I’m inviting you to get a copy of Breakfast Magazine and experience for yourself the difference. Finally, a food magazine that offers real good value for your money. Grab your copy at National Bookstore for Php120.


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    Ipaalam na agad to kay Rors!

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