Bonifacio High Street’s Clawdaddy’s The Great American Picnic

As a blogger, I love going on food adventures. And it’s always a great experience to explore the many different eating places in the city.

One reason why food blogging becomes hard is in choosing the right time to go to a place to eat. More specifically, you should be hungry enough so you can try a lot of dishes, and be in the place at the best time when it’s not too crowded so you can observe their service properly.

When it comes to the food, I always consider how the food is done and presented. Of course, the less food extenders, the better; with the right balance of seasoning and flavors. And lastly, the serving size of the food with respect to its price also counts.

Currently, among the top spots I always go to for a food adventure is at the Bonifacio High Street – including the newly opened wing of BHS Central. Both places really offer a lot of dining choices and various cuisines at reasonable costs.

Last week, me and some friends went to BHS with a major seafood craving and ended up at Clawdaddy’s to fill ourselves.

That night, we discovered and tried a unique offering at Clawdaddy’s called the “Boiling Bag”.

It’s a cooking process where they put everything from crabs, prawns and shrimps, to clams, sausages and potatoes inside a special bag; then they add some seasoning and boil the bag until everything inside gets cooked. The result is one boiling bag that’s big enough for four people.

That night, our very big (and seafood hungry) group ordered several boiling bags with different varieties and seasonings.

Clawdaddy’s Boiling Bags:

  • Seafood Boil in a Bag – A Seafood feast of crabs, fresh water prawns, South Pacific clams, Green mussels, Manila clams, Andouill sausage, potatoes and corn.
  • All Shrimp Boiling Bag – Baby shrimps and fresh water prawns with Andouill sausage corn and potatoes.
  • Shellfish Boiling Bag – South Pacific clams, Giant white mussels, Manila clams, Green Mussels, Andouille sausages, potatos and corn.
  • Maryland Crab Boiling – Fresh water crabs, Andouille sausage, potatoes and corn
  • Louisiana Crab and Shrimp Boiling Bag – Fresh water crabs and prawns, Andouille sausage, potatoes and corn

Clawdaddy’s Boiling Bag Seasonings:

  • Seafood Boil Spice
  • Garlic Butter
  • Creole Cajun
  • Clawdaddy Spice

The price of each boiling bag ranges from P995, up to P1,495 – depending on what you want to put inside. I recommend that you try it and have a different kind of food experience.


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