Banchetto Emerald

Planning for Pig out or craving for some Fast Food delicacies outside the mall in wee hours eating at the middle of the street? Why not try Banchetto in Ortigas Center?


There you can find lots of food choices in cheap prices. From Suhi to crepes from Italian to our very own native food delicacies cakes to kakanin and baked goodies to factory over run cookies and mallows. Every Saturday midnight till noon at the middle of Emerald Avenue.

3 Responses to “ “Banchetto Emerald”

  1. buttercup says:

    punta rin tau d2 ha?

    sama naten c Egay…

    tx mo n xa kc nde xa sagot saken..

    juz like old times in malate: Mr. Piggy’s days..


  2. Aris Anonas says:

    something is missing?????

    How much money for a piggy poo poo like me?????

  3. dax73 says:

    aris its really cheap! imagine a piece of alimango (crab) for 170 pesos! yum yum!

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