Authentic Chinese Dim Sum anytime you want?

Craving for Chinese Dim sum and still no idea where to get them? Yes! There’s a Chinese restaurant that serves anytime you want! Hot fresh authentic Chinese dim sum in front of you, and not just that! they do also serve almost al kinds of Chinese food!

Royal Garden Restaurant

The restaurant serves a lot of good noodles and predominantly Cantonese-style stir-fry dishes, but what we always run after are the dumplings they peddle in a cart refilled once in a while. Steamed fresh and served in really old bamboo steamers that lends some serious moisture helping seal the dumplings’ flavor.

chinese food

Right in the heart of Binondo (China Town) of Manila, Restaurant called Royal Garden and is located at 851 Ongpin St. cor. Padilla St., Binondo, Manila.


Photos from Fitz Villafuerte

9 Responses to “ “Authentic Chinese Dim Sum anytime you want?”

  1. darqueangel says:

    OMG!!! im craving for shark fins now.. tempting!!! got to be back in manila soon!!! sarap!!! is that where you and the rest of the gang went…

  2. Micamyx says:

    Waaaaah ang sarap naman niyan! Hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Binondo 😐

  3. Mike says:

    Yummy!! πŸ™‚

    missing already our dimsum nights…. haay…

  4. Aris Anonas says:

    when are you going back????

  5. giusseppe says:

    looks good! πŸ™‚ i’ll try to visit nga jan before this year ends…

    btw, if nasa Cebu din kayo, you should try our dimsum here. especially yung steam fried rice, steamed beef rice. πŸ™‚ try nyo! πŸ™‚

  6. DAX says:

    ay san sa Cebu yan? anong pangalan ng resto? planning to go there sa january eh

  7. Aris says:

    Sa Cebu, yan ba yung sa Mango Drive, called Dimsum Break?

    Mag attend ka ba Sinulog sa January? Saan kayo mag stay ba?

  8. DAX says:

    postpone na muna ang Sinulog namin. imagine almost 2 weeks din kaming mawawala dahil mag aatend din kami ng festival sa iloilo. right now we’re thinking of what festival to attend. its either iloilo’s dinagyang or kalibo’s ati-atihan

  9. Carina says:

    Favorite namin to na restaurant for dimsum….they used to have one outlet along roxas boulevard in front of the American Embassy but they closed it. Never had this for a long time kasi hindi namin mahanap yung sa ongpin. Yehey, now i know where to look for it….Thanks Don!

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