Another Lock & Lock Store Opens!

lock & lockGreat news people for people who live in the south of the metro, especially home makers in BF Paranaque. Our favorite Lock & Lock opens another branch at #114 Aguirre Avenue BF Paranaque right beside the new 7-eleven at the said street! This is actually their first branch outside the malls.

Lock & Lock is a revolutionary new concept in plastic storage containers. Its full perimeter locking action, which is very quick and easy, makes LOCK & LOCK containers air and liquid tight.

You can store everything in Lock & Lock. With wide variety of sizes and styles, it’s perfect for storing food in the pantry & refrigerator, camping, picnic and other household items.

Lock & Lock products are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Lock & Lock is best to hand wash with a gentle detergent. Remember, when washing, seals should be removed by wetting the lid and gently tapping it against a hard surface.

Lock & Lock has a wide range of products. From kitchen and storage to your luggage.

Because of its air-tight containers, mas na papatagal niya ang storage life ng kahit na anong pagkain na itago ko dito sa mga containers.

Aside from that, its easy to use and I can easily organize my coolers, bags & refrigerator without any mess. It’s worth the price in my opinion, and most of the time, they are on sale.

lock and lock

And that’s why I love using Lock & Lock products at home!

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