An Instant Cappuccino?

Have you tried or heard about instant 3-in-1 coffee flavor cappuccino? I’m a coffee lover and cappuccino is one of my favorite coffee variety.

Moreover, I do try to find ways on how to cut my spending on coffee, such as finding more affordable ways to have cappuccino without compromising on its taste and texture.

Most of the time, you can find such inexpensive treats at the supermarket and this is one of them. Kopiko (one of the leading brands here in the Philippines and makers of coffee candies) now has the Kopiko Kopiccino, a 3-in-1 cappuccino flavored instant coffee mix that comes with real chocolate granules for a sweeter and more flavorful cup of coffee.

I tried Kopiccino a few days ago. I read their instructions very carefully on how make one.

Usually, you pour first the content of the coffee mix before adding hot water. This one is different! – you have to pour hot water first into your favorite mug and add and stir the kopiccino mix so you can produce the foam on your cappuccino.

One thing I like about Kopiccino is that it comes with the package sachet of real chocolate granules that you have to sprinkle it on top of you instant cappuccino and that really adds flavor to it! Smells and taste like real one! Perfect for people craving for cappuccino.

The price of a sachet is only 8 pesos in the market. Cheap right?

Another fact is, Kopiko Kopiccino’s main ingredient is the signature Kopiko Grade One coffee bean, that are whole and properly roasted to give that real coffee taste.

I think this one solved one of my problems in cutting my expenses. No need to go to coffee shops just to satisfy my cappuccino cravings. Imagine, drinking hot cappuccino at your home not in the coffee shop.

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