Alimango (Mud Crab):How to Select & Cook

alimangoAlimango (Scylla serrata) also known as the Mud Crab or the Mangrove Crab

Selecting the right Alimango for you:

It’s  really fun to eat alimango especially if you don’t have any heart problems. Cracking and peeling alimago is a big work but some find it FUN! hehehe.. Now here’s the best way to select a good alimango for you.

How to determine? underneith the crab or on the crabs belly, you’ll notice a pointed shape or a semi round shape. If the shape is kinda round, that is a female, if its pointed, thats a male. If its pointed and round.. that is Bakla or gay heheheh much expensive than male and female crabs because gay crabs have both alige and more crab meat!

If you are not really that health concious and no heart problems, you better get the female one.
Because female alimangos have Aligue or the crab fat and meat. Fat means deadly right? so be careful but alige is so delicious. Female alimangos are chosen because of their aligue.

aligueDelicious Aligue

If you are really after the alimango meat, then choose the male one because male alimangos is bigger and they don’t have aligue like the females.

But if you like both, then get the gay or the Bakla because they have both meat and aligue.

Note: Best Buy for Alimangos should buy them live and ensure the shell and claws aren’t damaged or legs missing. If you are planning to eat alimango, buy them on the day itself. If you want it to store them, cook them right away and let it cool after cooking then freeze them.

Killing a Live Alimango – To humanely kill a mud crab in a way that doesn’t stress them and effect the flavor of the meat, place the crab in your freezer for up to 30 mins to 1 hour, or prick their mouth using a toothpick.

Alimango should be pre-cooked before cooking them to their recipes, because that’s the only time you can clean them.

Pre-Cooking (traditional Alimango recipe)

Bring a large pot of water to the boil, add a teaspoon of rock-salt and place the whole mud crab in and boil for 10-12 minutes.
Remove and place in a sink of cold water to cool.

Now your alimango is ready to be eaten and best with vinegar with crushed garlic. ehheheh If you wish to put some more flavors or use your recipe, then cook them again with your desired flavors.

Oh by the way, we do sell alimango!  buzz me up if you are in need in bulk!

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  1. Deej says:

    yeah i agree! you need to give extra effort first before eating it. so better to have someone to do it for you. 😛

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  3. ohmygums says:

    haha, di ko alam na may baklang alimango… medyo matrabaho kainin pero, delicous 🙂 Aligue all the way!… deadma muna ang highblood..

    You take great pics sa photoblog! sana maging ganyan din ako :).. my photoblog here… KLIK

  4. Leng Nicolas says:

    Kailangan ko pa rin ng taga-talop!!


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