AirPhil Express Review: 4 out of 5 Stars

It was time for another trip for me and my schedule was set to go to Biri Islands in Samar. I booked my flight with AirPhil Express formerly Air Philippines – something I’ve been doing since I promised never to take Zest Air again.

After this very interesting experience, I decided to write an AirPhil Express review. This is NOT a sponsored post okay? So just enjoy reading as I tell my story and what happened to me that day.

I had a Manila to Catarman flight set at 6:00 AM. I was at the NAIA Terminal 3 airport at 5:00 AM and patiently lined-up to go inside the airport.

5:15 AM – I reached the check-in counters of AirPhil Express. No signs of Catarman. I asked one of their staff and he said that they already closed the check-in.

WAAAAAH! I missed my flight?!

Well, actually, the AirPhil Express staff said that they decided to close the check-in early because the flight only had a few passengers and thought that at 5:00 AM, no one will come anymore.

He asked the manager if there’s really time for me to come in to the flight, and the manager was kind enough to say yes. YES!!! Catarman here I come!

Note to Self: Never try to come exactly on time again. I never missed a flight before doing that but I realized I need to give myself more time allowance if I want to avoid such panic attacks. Hehe.

5:50 AM – Intercom announces that our flight is ready for boarding.

6:00 AM – Already comfortably seated inside the plane, looking out the window, I saw the last piece of luggage, which was by bag, being put inside the plane. A few minutes after, the plane took off.

My ETA in Catarman is 7:15 AM. And what I usually do during the flight is sleep while I have my iPod playing music to my ear.

7:05 AM – Stewardess woke me up and said that the plane will be landing in a few minutes. So I got ready and looked out the window… it was a bright and sunny day at Catarman.

7:06 AM – I had aisle seats so it took a while before I could catch a glimpse of the land below. When I did, I was really surprised because I did not expect to see how urbanized this part of Samar is.

There were lots of buildings, some even looked like skyscrapers, and lots of cars on busy streets and highways. It was awesome to see and discover such a modern city in this part of Eastern Visayas.

7:20 AM – Our plane just landed and saw how big the Catarman airport was… hmmm… wait a minute… why is there a Singapore Airlines plane here?!

“Sir, nasa Manila po ulit tayo,” the passenger beside me suddenly said. “Bad weather kasi sa Bicol area, kaya bumalik tayo.”

WAAAAAH! I’m back in Manila?!

A few minutes later, we were back at Gate 131 in NAIA Terminal 3. The AirPhil Express staff said that they’re waiting for weather updates in Catarman before they could decide what they’ll do to us.

If weather conditions improve, we’ll go back to the airplane and fly. If not, then they’ll have to reschedule our flight. Hohum… it’s the end of March and supposed to be summer already in the country but it’s still raining hard in some parts… that’s global warming for you.

Anyway, I decided to grab a quick breakfast while waiting for the announcement.

7:40 AM – No announcement at the airport intercom regarding our flight. I gathered my stuff and approached the AirPhil Express staff.

“Sir, ba’t andito pa po kayo? Cancelled na po ang flight ninyo. Nasa baggage claim area na po ang mga kasama ninyo,” said the staff. “Andun na rin po yung mag-a-assist sa inyo papuntang hotel.”

WAAAAAH! Naiwan na naman ako?!

Apparently, the announcement came just a few seconds after I left to buy breakfast. The AirPhil Express staff didn’t make an intercom announcement and just ushered my fellow passengers to the baggage claim area.

Fortunately, the staff was kind enough to accompany me to the area where the other passengers are. I arrived at the already empty baggage claim area and immediately took my luggage, which was the only one left on the conveyor belt.

WAAAAAH! Buti na lang hindi nawala ang bag ko?!

8:00 AM – I approached the AirPhil Express staff handling our case. Her name is Ms. Aileen Guinto. I explained to her that I seem to be running late at everything today and asked her what’s happening.

She said that I had two choices. First is to take the Manila to Calbayog flight the next day, or second – to have my ticket refunded.

If I took the first choice, AirPhil Express will take and check me in at Century Park Hotel, Manila, where I will stay with some of the passengers. However, if I took the second choice, I will be refunded P486 (it was a seat sale promo ticket).

The choice seemed obvious but I had a tour schedule in Samar which I was supposed to join when they pass by Catarman the next day. Calbayog, which is two hours away from Catarman by land, will force me to travel alone by land to Catarman just to catch up with the tour group.

WAAAAAH! Baka mawala ako?!

Anyway, I updated Leyte Gulf Tavel & Tours regarding my situation and they said that it’s okay for them to pick me up in Calbayog instead. Now that’s a relief. But that also meant forcing them to make an unscheduled, out-of-the-way trip just for me. Hmmm, I sort of didn’t want that.

So I asked Ms. Aileen, “Pwede bang travel vouchers na lang?”

“Yes sir! You can rebook your flight to another domestic destination. Free of charge,” she answered.

“Promo fare lang ang tickets ko,” I replied.

“Okay lang yun sir, ako bahala sa inyo,” she eagerly answered.

Now that’s great news for me! I checked my schedule and instantly decided to have travel vouchers for Tacloban in June, just in time for the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival 2011.

I remembered all the things I did in Leyte last year and would want to do them again actually. So just like Douglas MacArthur, I decided that “I shall return” to Tacloban this year.

Ma’am Ludette of Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours was likewise supportive of my decision and actually looked forward to seeing me again for the festival. Meanwhile, I confirmed my decision with Ms. Aileen and gave her my preferred travel dates. She then asked me to wait while she processes my request.

9:00 AM – I was back at the check-in area of NAIA Terminal 3, waiting for Ms. Aileen to come back to me. A few minutes after, she came with my tickets.

And the tickets… they’re booked with Philippine Airlines! Now that’s what I call BONGGA!

I really like how AirPhil Express handled the situation that day. Delayed and cancelled flights for whatever reason cannot be prevented – but there’s no excuse for bad customer service.

AirPhil Express was quick with their decisions and didn’t have to make us wait that long wondering what would happen to us. They were accommodating with our questions and treated everyone fairly – promo fare passenger or not.

Anyway, thanks again to Ms. Aileen Guinto for the assistance. Ikaw ay talagang BONGGA!

AirPhil Express Review: 4 out of 5 stars – I hope you can continue this good customer service.


22 Responses to “ “AirPhil Express Review: 4 out of 5 Stars”

  1. Rins says:


    I seldom encounter good customer service. I hope the other airlines would follow this kind of management. See you in Tacloban! 🙂

  2. promking says:

    astig naman yung experience mo. I don’t want to live your experience. baka hindi ko kayanin.

  3. Winston says:

    waahahha. nakakatuwa naman. 😀

  4. krystelle says:

    that was fun 🙂

  5. Wow Bongga nga! At least kita naman na nag-effort talaga sila at hindi basta-basta pinabayaan ang mga clients nila 😀 Sana makabook din kami on those dates para makasama kami sa inyo 😀

  6. peaches101 says:

    hehehe…… kakatuwa naman..:)

  7. peaches101 says:

    kakatuwa talaga!…..:))

  8. jericho centeno says:

    Hindi nga sponsored, pero can’t shake the feeling na set up na set up.. ganda ng kuha ng phographer e.. 😉

  9. dax73 says:

    tol! hehehe photographers kami at ang hangarin namin that day is maka tapak ng cataman at tumungo ng biri para kumuha ng mga litrato doon. maganda lang siguro ang camera na gamit namin dito kaya nag muhkang nag set up at parang naging sponsored ang article ko. heheheh thanks tol! you can visit my photo blog at this site
    thanks again! 🙂

  10. cabzy says:

    thanks for sharing. now i can book my coron trip with air phil, a bit hesitant kasi kaya i was going thru reviews.

  11. dax73 says:

    Check mo muna availabilities and sked for coron. I suggest that you always take the first flight outbound para walang delays and take the last trip naman for your inbound if you are not in a hurry para ma sulit mo any coron or the place na pag babakasyunan mo. That’s how I manage my trip. Nilulubos ko na ang bakasyon. But if you are in a hurry, always get the first trip.

  12. Beth says:

    Nakakatawa ka!! …comedy! lalo na pag nakikita ko yung mga “Waahhh” lol anyway, galeng ah. pero first flight experience ko with Airphil (MNL-CGY-MNL) May 2011 both late. 🙁 Sana better na next time.

  13. Mindanaoan says:

    Bongga naman!!!

  14. Whimps says:

    wow, nakakatuwa naman. very good ang service nila. from airphil to philippine airlines, hahaha naglevel up! . sana ma-maintain nila yun at makilala sila sa magandang serbisyo at dekalidad na airline.

  15. christel says:

    maganda po ba tlga service kasi po we plan to reserve tickets sa airline na to eh 🙂

  16. dax73 says:

    maayos naman sila so far as to compare sa iba. sabihin na lang natin ganito, mas meron naman silang customer service kesa sa iba. meh sasagot sa nais mong itanong. 2ndly, meh free baggage allowance pa rin sila. 15kg + 7kg sa hand carry.

  17. Mariane says:

    your story is funny! hehe..
    I love Airphil Express! I would definitely promote this airline, because
    i want to be part of this company very soon.
    AirPhil Express is a fast growing airline company, they’ve just got a new airbus! super proud of it!!!! :))

  18. Jhessy says:

    this is the funniest blog i ever read. kudos to airphil. 🙂

  19. tear says:

    Hahahaha! Kakatuwa talaga experience mo. Well, just have booked a roundtrip tcket, dvo-ilo-dvo, on July. Yeah, PROMO po! It’s my first time with the airline. Kinda hesitant kasi sa safety, heheh! For those who have tried, how’s their airbus ba?

  20. dax73 says:

    for me, pare – parehas lang naman ang performance ng airbus, nag kakatalo lang naman yan sa edad at interior ng eroplano and services company, ground and flight crews. you can check the zest air here . wala pa akong experience with cebu pac but there’s one thing I hate with Cebu pac, tinanggal nla ang free baggage allowance. With PAL naman, medyo meh kamahalan lang talaga sila among the rest pero pag nag seat sale sila… BONGGANG BONGGA naman ang baba ng presho nila!

    As a traveler, for domestic airline, first choice ko ang airphil express saka na ako lilipat sa iba kung no choice na talaga.

  21. Nonoy says:

    Maganda nga naman talaga ang service ng AirPhil Express. First time ko lumipad dyan Dec of last year ay ok naman ang flight at customer service. Kaya lang, yung flight ngayun ng gf ko na cancel, tas i reresked daw sa Friday, same time. May idea ba kau guys bakit na cacancel yung flights? I assume dahil sa bad weather condition; but ah, merun naman akung nakitang eroplanong na lumilipad ngayun. Hai. I papatanung ko na lang kaya. hehe.

  22. Paolonicus says:

    Maganda ang naging experience ko with them. Good customer service.

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