Adding More Life to Your Aglio Olio Pasta

Aglio Olio Pasta is one of the most easy pasta recipe to do. All you have is to cook the pasta the right way for you and toss them to the oil sauce and that’s it. But sometimes we have to use our creativity in cooking this recipe like adding more spice or some toppings to make it more tastier.

Here’s my version of Aglio Olio Pasta.

1kg Spaghetti cooked and drained
1 Bottle of extra virgin olive oil
4 large elephant garlic heads finely chopped
2 tbsp of lemon juice
2 tbsp of dried basil leaves finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste
Parmesan cheese grated

Cook spaghetti to Al dente and set aside.
saute garlic using extra virgin olive oil in low flame
toss the pasta into it and add lemon juice, dried finely chopped basil leaves
salt and pepper to taste.

Now to put more life to you Aglio Olio Pasta, Just topped them anything you want like cooked tuna flakes, sliced Italian or Hungarian sausages, cooked shelled shrimp or prawn, or anchovies.

2 Responses to “ “Adding More Life to Your Aglio Olio Pasta”

  1. mee-i says:

    Kaya pala di pa naluluto yun pasta noodles dito sa bahay. salamat at pahiram nadin ng recipe ^_^ thanks

  2. Mauie says:

    My version naman has bacon, red chili pepper flakes, and chopped parsley. My son hates the taste of basil that’s why I replaced it with parsley.

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