A New Customized Kitchen Console

One day I thought of changing my messy cooking console at home. Our console is already worn and out of style. Good thing we have some wood scraps that came from the tables that were used in our internet shop that we closed down. So there’s no need to buy new materials for my new cooking console. All I need are some nails and finishing materials, hire a carpenter/welder and that’s it.

The Plan

The Plan

I designed my cooking console to a size that’s perfect for my kitchen. I don’t think I will ever find in stores a console table that’s near my size requirements. Even if I do, surely it will be way too expensive. Now that my cooking console is done I can organize all my kitchen stuff like cooking wares, appliances and gadgets real neatly.

What made it bongga on my part?

First, it is customized to fit my dirty kitchen size; Second, it didn’t cost me much because I recycled wood and metal scraps; And third, I can now move around quickly and store more of my kitchen stuff in my new console.

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