A Good Home Maker

Aside from putting love and harmony inside your home, one of the secret of a perfect couple is making yourself a good home maker.

What makes a good homemaker? For me, a good homemaker must be systematized and organized; patient and has the initiative to work inside the house. But also, and this is very important – creativity.

A good organizer:
There are many ways on how to organize your home. For a housewife, everything starts in the kitchen. From organizing your refrigerator to organizing your cupboards and grocery stocks, i.e. cleaning materials and other home improvement materials and tools.

A very helpful tip is “clean as you go”. Never leave dirty dishes for a long time or you might end up calling pest control. Hehe.

Be a patient person:
Patience is a good virtue for all, specially homemakers. You must be really patient in everything that you do. Without patience, everything you do will lead to destruction. That’s true! 😛

One of the best example of this is cooking. If you’re not patient, you won’t achieve your goal – and that is to have delicious food on the table.

For example, a food recipe says that it should be cooked at 150 degrees in 30 minutes. You might think that if you double the temperature (make it 300 degrees), then the food will cook twice as faster (in 15 minutes). But of course that is not true! There are food that has to be cooked slowly and at the right temperature. Keep that in mind.

Another case is for home improvement. If you have a leak on the roof, you have to fix it immediately but of course, you have to find the right time or else it will become worse. Like if it’s the rainy season, then you have to be patient and wait for summer to fix the leak properly. So you have to be patient in the meantime with cleaning up water on the floor when it rains.

The creative side of your mind:
Sometimes being creative in your home makes the household happy, it will make you learn new things and improve your existing skills really.

For instance, let’s talk about baking. Everybody loves sweets, and if there are sweets around the house, that makes everyone happy. But what if there is none, then be creative and try to learn how to bake a cake or cookies.

Not only is this productive but also, it will kill your boredom at home – specially when you’re just alone and you’re already finished with all your chores. Be creative and always try something new! Para…


Photo credits: greg westfall, kire, kara brugman and PKMousie

3 Responses to “ “A Good Home Maker”

  1. rins says:

    The problem is, I don’t have a partner so I can’t be a good home maker! 🙁

  2. dax73 says:

    Even if you dont have any partner, you can still be a good home maker. take note: Para sa iyo na rin yan.

  3. Darqueangel says:

    Thanks for reminding me to be a good home maker.. yan ata ang kulang sa akin para makapag-asawa.. :-))

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