A Bread to Remember

There are probably several things we consider when buying a loaf of bread. Some of these are price, brand, quality, and perhaps how it was made.

I believe we can’t store bread at home the same as we do for canned goods. Loaves of bread expire fast and easily and that is why we can’t stock them for long periods of time.

Personally, it is really hard to be practical nowadays. Sometimes we have to consider how we can save money when buying things. We instinctively think that the lower the cost, the more money we can save. But it becomes a different story when it comes to our health.

The cheapest may not always be the most practical buy. There are several other factors to consider for example when choosing what kind of bread to serve on the breakfast table. Masarap ba ito? Malinis?

I joined a bloggers’ field trip to Gardenia plant recently, and it is perhaps one of the best educational tours I’ve attended.

Why? Because the moment we stepped in their plant, cleanliness was strictly observed. The trip made me realize why more and more people make Gardenia products their first choice when buying bread.

Gardenia has the most modern bread-making facility and the most organized delivery in the country because of the following:

  • It has a highly automated equipment bought from the best bakery machinery suppliers that provides the best equipment around the world.
  • Equipments are designed to run on its own. The plant can bake approximately 6000 loaves of bread per hour and needs minimal supervision.
  • Gardenia has only 2 plants in the country. They are strategically situated. The one in Laguna supplies Luzon and Visayas. The plant in Cebu provides bread supplies for Mindanao.

Gardenia’s Recognitions:

  • Outstanding Bread Manufacturer for 5 consecutive years (Annual National Consumers’ Award)
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2000 Certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified (upgraded)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified since 2003

The ISO certification reaffirms quality excellence in the entire production process while the HACCP accreditation is the consumer’s assurance that all Gardenia breads are safe to eat and is produced in a hygienic and pest-free environment.

Aside from the most common loaf of bread that they offer in the market, they also have other types of bread and comes in a variety of flavors as well.

During our recent visit to the Gardenia plant, we were taught several recipes we can prepare using Gardenia products. To demonstrate, we were served Wheat Raisin Ham and Jam Sandwich and Spanish Milkfish Sandwich.

Ang bongga ng tinapay, di ba?

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