2012 Year-End Celebration of Sykes

Peg for invite v1 11.28.12 11I was invited to attend and experience Sykes 2012 year-end party last Dcember 16 at SMX. More than 7000 Sykesers gathered at the event venue and the party occupied 4 halls of SMX in short, they’d occupied the whole 1st floor of the venue.

7000 employees! That’s only the half of Sykes employees who attended the year party at SMX of 15,000. The other half remained at their offices for their regular shift. But then, Sykes management served also food & souvenirs for the employees who’s on their shift at their offices.

Sykes 2012 year end celebration

Going back to the party. The event was hosted by Chico, Delamar and Gino. Every party has a theme, and Sykes theme was, since Sykes was on their 15th year in service in the Philippines, Sykes theme was Fashion of 90’s. Everyone was dressed up in their 90’s outfit. That’s only the start of the party.

Sykes 2012 year end celebration dancers

Live bands like, Stagecrew and Sandwich played favorite 90’s music. Mocha Girls was there also to entertain Sykesers, even Dean Van Ormer performed the rendition of Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca with the sexy Mocha Girls. Dean Van Ormer also did shared his sentiments after his performance.

“Has it really been 15 years? In a lot of ways, it feels like it was only yesterday that SYKES stepped on Philippine soil with only 14 employees. 15 years ago, we were the first call center to operate in the Philippines and from then, there was no looking back.” He, then, adds, “Each and everyone of you have been a significant part of the SYKES story. Your commitment, dedication and hard work helped us reach the place we are in today. So enjoy the night. This is for you.” – Dean Van Ormer

Sykes 2012 year end celebration band

The program also had Battle Jam, Its a Dance segment competition of the employees, in full homage to the ‘90s, the competition’s theme was MTV reinvention. Three Groups channeled their inner popstars as they performed NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye, Madonna’s Vogue and Backstreet Boys’ Everybody. The group winner of the competition took home P60,000 as for their prize.

Head Turners, Sykesers best dressed of fashion 90’s of the night and 3 winners bagged P 15,000 as prize. And the much awaited raffle for 14 lucky winners of 100,000 each and 1 lucky winner for 250,000.

Sykes 2012 year end celebration mocha girls

So why does SYKES go to such great lengths for a year-end celebration?

“Each year, we have events like this to reward the hard work, dedication and outstanding performance of our employees. SYKES also supports and promotes work-life balance. We want our employees to have a life outside of SYKES. It has really become part of our culture”, explains Dean Van Ormer.

“Another aspect of the SYKES culture is our culture as a family. And families celebrate together. This year, we just have so much to celebrate. It has been another successful year for the company. We’re also celebrating a milestone for the entire industry as the first call center to celebrate 15 years in the Philippines. But we’re not stopping at 15. We’ll make more milestones. We’ll create more legacies. We’ll break more records. And we’ll do all of these together”. – Dean Van Ormer.


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  1. byahilo says:

    im so proud be have been part of this company, wearing the Red Tab ID!

    dati the summer global Picnic Party and the annual xmas party ang laging ni lo look forward talaga naming evenT

    Sayang I had to decline the invitation to attend the party, had to go to tangub city kasi.

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