My Shampoo

It’s really hard to be a smart shopper especially in picking the right brand of things for your body essentials.

Yes, it’s really hard especially if you are not the only one who will use it at home. You have to consider also if it’s compatible with your housemates as well.

A few years ago, I was making a trial and error in selecting the right shampoo for me. I found a nice one, but unfortunately, other people in the house didn’t like it – I consider that a waste of money.

You’ll notice right away when a shampoo brand is not really meant for you. You’ll see lots hair strands on your shower drain and hair brush. Aside from that, you’ll notice that you keep on scratching your itchy scalp and small flakes are visible on your dark shirt you are wearing.

A few months back, as I saw a Clear Shampoo commercial on television, I decided to why not try this brand. It’s been in the market for so long and it surprised me that I haven’t tried this yet.

Up until now, Clear Shampoo is still what I’m using – I’m glad because it’s compatible with me and the other people in our house.

Thanks to Clear, there’s no more itchy scalp, no dandruff, and less hair fall for me and my housemates.

Curious about that commercial ad I saw? Here is is:

Photo credits: stirwise, Jospeh Tame and Dani Ka


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