How to Get to Marinduque

Marinduque is an island also known as the heart of the Philippines surrounded by Lucena, Mindoro and Batangas. The island is known for Moriones Festival which takes place during the Holy Week. Lots of interesting places to visit and lots of things to do during the festival season.

How to get there? We planned this trip a bunch of weeks ahead so that we could make the trip smooth. Options in getting there is either you take the plane via zest air or road and boat. Its not really wise to a traveler to fly during peak season, why? Its kinda expensive and they only fly 3 x a week, not really that flexible for our schedule. So we decided to take the bus that can bring us to Lucena City pier at Dalahican port and took the boat from Lucena to Balanacan port in Marinduque.

Port system of Lucena and Balanacan is so disappointing, it took us 10hrs to wait. All we can do is to understand the holiday rush. We can’t do anything because there are no online advance ticketing for their vessels unlike airplanes. Anyway, we just have to take it as a sacrifice for the holy week.

Most of the boats that sails to Marinduque are roll onand roll off boats (RORO) meaning, you can bring your car with you for your vacation trip convenience.  You may inquire at Montenegro Shipping Lines Inc or Star Horse Shipping Lines. Speaking of Star Horse Shipping Lines, they do also sail from the new port of San Juan Batangas to Balanacan port of Marinduque twice a day.

4 Responses to “ “How to Get to Marinduque”

  1. 10 hours of waiting for a boat! But yes, it is understandable since it happened during the Holy Week. If it was me, it will definitely test my patience.

  2. we experienced the same thing…. that’s why we cut our trip to only 3 days… I will definitely come back to Marinduque… Thanks to the wonderful Marinduquños for their hospitality… =D

  3. leslie de las alas says:

    no sense of time, rude natives, water is terrible (had a fit of upset stomach, but worst, the food, yuck!!!!!! especially those found at the plaza (boac). eg. meat is as tough as leather, sauces too sweet, the restroom – smelly, primitive and absence of clean water. all must be closed!!!! NEVER RETURN THERE!!!

  4. bacardi gold says:

    Is there any other options than Lucena city? I’ll be coming from Iloilo.


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